About Adept Education

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My name is Lucy Patston and I'm the Founding Director of Adept Education. 
In April, 2018 I began a project to create a series of maths books that bring the New Zealand maths curriculum into the home.  As a parent to three emerging school children, I realised how differently my children were being taught maths to the way I was taught. I had no idea of these “mental strategies” they were jabbering on about! I worked with talented maths specialist teachers to create the Reaching Competence Programme, which complements your child's learning at school, encourages a love for the consistency and logic of maths, and has true-to-life problems in believable, real-life scenarios. 
In 2020, I found an incredibly talented teacher, Tracey Waller, who specialises in early literacy and specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. Together, we are creating the Literacy for all Learners Programme that helps parents and teachers systematically work through early listening, recognising, reading and writing in a way that supports all learners get the best start.
We hope you and your little learners enjoy the books.
Lucy Patston, BA/BSc(Hons), PhD
Tracey has had nearly 25 years experience in the teaching field and now specialises in supporting diverse learners.
After many years working in the primary sector, Tracey felt dissatisfied with the way certain students were slipping through the system, so she trained as a specialist teacher for those with Specific Learning Difficulties (SPELD). This training gave her an insight into the way the brain processes language into words, and reinforced the need to teach literacy through a systematic and structured process.
Tracey’s interest in creating this programme stems from a strong interest in language, and how we use language to read and write. She also felt there was a lack of NZ based, hands on resources available for parents and teachers of students who need support developing these essential skills. Thus, the collaboration on Literacy for all Learners was born.
Tracey Waller, BA(Hons), PGCE