Stages, Ages and Adept Books

Also see the Video Library for explanations of how the curriculum fits into the Reaching Competence Programme.

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The above table was sourced from and modified by Adept Education.

 The diagram and tables are a broad guide for where "most" children are working in maths at a certain age and/or Year at school. If your child's reports are reading "At level" in maths, then you can probably choose a book using this table.  

Choose the book before the one you think is about right.


It's unlikely your child will be able to fly through any book without benefiting from it in some way, and more likely they will find it easy and super fun to do. Introducing your child to the programme in this way will set you up for success in later, more difficult, books.

If you want to discuss your child's needs specifically, please contact Lucy at

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