Book 1 Literacy for all Learners e-copy

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Books 1 and 2 are a must for anyone with a child who is ready for school!

To protect the intellectual property of our work, this cost is for a single user e-copy only. School-wide options will be available as the programme develops. As a small business we appreciate your support.


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Book 1 Literacy for all Learners e-copy

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  • Book 1 is intended for children 3-6 months before their first term of school.


    In Books 1 and 2 you are provided the first stepping stones to reading and writing through the exploration of sounds. We explore rhythm, rhyme, vocal sounds and syllables of words.  We also look at the names of alphabet letters and the strokes that are needed to form them correctly.


    This is done through an easy reading, fun and multisensory way via games, printable cards and reinforcement activities.


    We cover:

    • Phonemic awareness-differentiating vocal sounds
    • Develop awareness of syllables in words
    • Identifying rhyming words
    • Story Sequencing
    • Recognising letter names A-K
    • Letter strokes for Forest Friends Formation