Book 3 Literacy for all Learners e-copy

Books 3 and 4 are a must for anyone with a child who is ready for school or who has just started! (Book 4 is expected to be published in September, 2021).

To protect the intellectual property of our work, this cost is for a single user e-copy only. School-wide options will be available as the programme develops. As a small business we appreciate your support.


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Book 3 Literacy for all Learners e-copy

  • Book 3 is intended for children in their first term of school.


    Throughout these books there are a range of activities to meet all needs including moving, cutting, sticking, sorting, colouring and playing. It has been widely researched that multisensory learning is the best way to cater for all learners, and of course, it is much more fun - so get stuck in and enjoy!


    We begin to link phonological awareness (the ability to hear and consciously break words into syllables, rhyme, onset and rime, and individual sounds or phonemes) to the letter shapes (graphemes) that can represent them.