Book 8 e-Copy 2021 Edition

Books 8, 9 and 10 cover the 21 learning intentions for children in Year 3, aged about 7 to 8 years old.


At this level, children are transitioning from advanced counting to early additive ability. Children are beginning to recognise that numbers can be treated as wholes, or be partitioned (broken up) and recombined. This is called part-whole thinking. It is important to emphasise place value skills and talk about what each number means e.g., 25 is 2 tens and 5 ones. Instant recall of basic facts is also important. Try to take opportunities to emphasise basic number groupings (e.g., 16 + 4 = 20, 7 + 3 = 10, etc.) and multiplication of twos, fives and tens.


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Book 8 e-Copy 2021 Edition

  • Book 8 covers number facts to 10, working with tens, introduces money and multiplication.​

    For children who are ready to start manipulating small numbers and are starting to understand the basics of the place value system (Cf Books 5, 6, & 7).

    Book 8 covers some of the transition from Stage 4 to Stage 5. Together, Books 8, 9 and 10 cover all of Stage 4/5.


    You will also get:

    • information about the curriculum,
    • learning intention checklist and sticker chart,
    • suggested Apple and Android applications,
    • worksheets, activities and board games,
    • certificates and other print-and-cut resources.