Write Letters Right Printed Copy

Get this book printed in A4 loose-leaf, full-colour, double-sided.

Teach your child to form letters correctly in just days using this amazing, innovative method!

Write Letters Right Printed Copy

  • Booklet is printed double-sided, loose page A4 in full colour and posted.


    This booklet is an amalgamation of the "Making Strokes" section of the Literacy for all Learners programme Books 1 and 2 and the "Forming Letters" section of Books 3 and 4.


    In this book, learners are introduced to a series of strokes, called 'Forest Friends'. The 15 stroke patterns are learned alongside names, such as short stick, dragonfly dash, tulip, rainbow, stink bug and many more, and later combined to form every lowercase letter in the alphabet.


    The Forest Friends method is a guide for associating memorised strokes (or shapes) with a common vocabulary shared between you and your learner. You will be amazed how quickly your child will learn to construct lowercase letters - and it's fun!