Years 0-2 Lapbook Set (5 books)

Get all 5 of the Years 0-2 Strand Maths Lapbooks in this one set for less!



Years 0-2 Spatial Relations & Sorting (35 pages)

Years 0-2 Time (37 pages)

Years 0-2 Measurement (35 pages)

Years 0-2 2D & 3D Geometry (48 pages)

Years 0-2 Data Processing (Data, Graphs and Probability) (34 pages)

Years 0-2 Lapbook Set (5 books)

  • This product contains the full set (5 books) of our Years 0-2 Strand Maths books. Each book is a PDF file that contains a guide for you to make your own lapbook with your learner. Each offers templates that you print and cut out, content and the appropriate IXL app units for your learner to complete to solidify their learning of curriculum mathematics for:

    • Spatial Relations and Sorting
    • Time
    • Measurement
    • 2D & 3D Geometry
    • Data Processing (data, graphs and probability)