Literacy for all Learners

Explore literacy with your learner at your own pace, with this guided, interactive programme. It is a comprehensive, well-structured resource that includes a clear progression and an oral, visual and hands-on approach to learning. Each book contains all the resources you will need including explicit instructions, learning activities, games, suggested websites, sticker charts, certificates and re-usable resource cards.

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Literacy for all Learners


Books 1, 2 and 3 provide fundamental groundwork for beginning readers.
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Why teach handwriting in the computer age?

Recent research is showing that the actual act of learning to write letters helps develop the literacy areas of the brain - even before we can read!

Where to Start?

Click below to download the Book 1 pre-test document that will help you decide whether your learner will benefit from the material in Book 1.

Overview of Books 1-6

Click below to download the Literacy Programme Overview document showing details for the first six books.