What's coming soon at Adept?

Needless to say, 2020 has been ... a slow year, but we've re-prioritized and are still working as fast as we can. 

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Literacy for ALL Learners

We're super excited to let our customers know we are now working on a LITERACY SERIES that's every bit as bright and adventurous as our maths books!

Prepare your learner, regardless of their reading and/or writing challenges, before they start school, and then support them through a well-structured curriculum that helps ALL learners read, write and spell.​​

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Books 8-10 2020 Edition


We now have ALL 20 BOOKS available in the bright new 2020 Edition.

But if you're really wanting a bound book to teach and learn from, we still have a few 2018 Edition books left. See the Clearance Sale under SHOP.


Level 3 Addition & Subtraction


Level 3 Addition and Subtraction is now available if you're working through the Subject Area books. This book completes the Addition and Subtraction Set and also the Level 3 ASFM* Set.

*Addition, Subtraction, Fractions, Multiplication

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