What's coming soon at Adept?

With 2020 behind us, we are all systems go on the book front.

Fresh out of the stocks are our new series of Adept Problem Solvers and

this year we plan to pump out Books 3, 4, 5, & 6 of our fabulous new Literacy Programme: Literacy for all Learners.

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Literacy for ALL Learners

Our LITERACY SERIES aims to prepare your learner, regardless of their reading and/or writing challenges, before they start school.

Book 3 available before Term 1.

Book 4 available before Term 2.

The authors of this series are no strangers to kids with dyslexia and other reading & writing challenges. We teach so that ALL kids can learn well.

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Classroom Editions for Schools

We are well underway reproducing our Linear Series Maths books so that schools can purchase sets with a reusable license.


Yep! Permission to photocopy people!


But get in quick as the sale price for 2021 will expire in February.


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Adept Problem Solvers

These new books are compilations of all the coolest parts of our maths books - The Adept Problem Solvers.

If you have a child who adores maths (esp. juicy problems that require multiple steps), then these publications are for you!

Made with our little gifties in mind, these books require learners to know the related skills already and just want a boredom buster!!

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Literacy for ALL Learners

We're super excited to let our customers know we are now working on a LITERACY SERIES that's every bit as bright and adventurous as our maths books!

Prepare your learner, regardless of their reading and/or writing challenges, before they start school, and then support them through a well-structured curriculum that helps ALL learners read, write and spell.​​

Write Letters Right

Is your youngster dying to learn to write their letters?


This new publication takes the Handwriting Sections from the first four books of Literacy for all Learners and cobbles them together into a unique handwriting programme.

Using the innovative method of learning strokes, you'll have a little writer in just a few days.

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