Adept Maths Tutoring

Dr Lucy Patston

BA/BSc(Hons), PhD
SPELD (NZ) Registered Assessor (Probationary)

It's so important learners keep up with their maths skills in their formative years. The pandemic has made this so much harder!


I'd like to help your learner get up to speed with their maths skills so that their high school years can be that much easier!

Now is a great time to accelerate their learning.

I tutor online via Zoom using my own NZ-curriculum programme and other resources. 

Get in contact with me today and together we can get it sorted (please fill in the form below)

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40 minutes


once or twice per week

How do I arrange maths tutoring?

If you would like to arrange maths tutoring for your learner, please use the form below in the first instance and Lucy will call you back to discuss your needs and to arrange session times.