Reaching Competency Mathematics Programme Books and Resources

Explore mathematics with your learner at your own pace with this guided, interactive programme.


It is a comprehensive, well-structured resource that includes a clear progression along the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum for Number. 


Each book contains the resources you will need including explicit instructions, learning activities, games, suggested apps, sticker charts, certificates and re-usable resource cards.

Books can either be bought digitally (PDF) or in physical form (bound or printed book).

e-Copies (PDF format) are emailed immediately upon payment.  

Hard copies (bound or printed) are posted within 2 working days (arrival times will vary).

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The Linear Series

Books 1 to 20 grow with your child and cover the entire curriculum for Primary School.

Adept Problem Solvers

We have compiled a collection of all our favourite Problem Solvers, Brain Buster Sheets and more.

Subject Area Books

Pages taken from the Linear Series.

Stock Clearance Sale

2018 Edition Hard Copy Bound Books for truly amazing prices. Just a bit less pretty.

For Schools

New Classroom Editions available with reproduction licenses until end of 2021.

Maths Resources

Resource Essentials Packs with all the bits 'n' bobs you need.

Reasons to buy PDF format (e-Copies)

Environmentally friendly

Options to print as a book or just a few pages

Cheaper and no postage costs

Sent instantly

Subject area books - Multiplication, Fractions, etc.

Collectively, these books cover some curriculum learning intentions

Stock Clearance Sale (2018 Editions)


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