Reaching Competency Mathematics Programme 

Reaching Competence is a comprehensive, well-structured programme that includes a clear progression along the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum for Number. 


Each book contains the resources you will need, including explicit instructions, learning activities, games, suggested apps, sticker charts, certificates and re-usable resource cards.

Bound hard copy books can be found in the Stock Clearance Sale!!

Also see our new Video Library that demonstrates how the programme works.

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The Linear Series

Books 1 to 20 grow with your child and cover the maths curriculum for Years 0-6.
Books 21-26 cover Years 7-8 and are currently in publication.
See News for expected release dates.
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Adept Problem Solvers

These compilation books get straight to the fun stuff. Solving problems!
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Subject Area Books

NB: The pages in these books are taken directly from the
Linear Series.
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Stock Clearance Sale

2018 Edition Hard Copy Bound Books for truly amazing prices. Just a bit less pretty
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Shop by School Year

Find the appropriate books for your learner by school year.
-The Linear Series
-Subject Area Books
-Adept Problem Solvers
-Stock Clearance Books
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